World AIDS Day 2012

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BCLC's December series, launching on World AIDS Day 2012, will share information about some of the business-led efforts that are in place to fight the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Our focus is on corporate workplace programs/policies that help companies and their employees manage the spread and effects of the disease. 

Our first spotlight is on Chevron, with Rhonda Zygocki, Chevron's Executive Vice President of Policy and Planning, sharing how the employer is addressing HIV/AIDS, the results it has achieved, and how it has overcome challenges along the way.  Read


The second spotlight is on Dow Chemical Company, which received a GBC “commendation” in the Workplace/Workforce Engagement category of the 2011 Business Action on Health Awards. BCLC caught up with Dr. Murray Coombs, Dow Health Director for Middle East and Africa.  Read

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