BCLC is working to identify and promote innovative solutions to corporate citizenship around the country by connecting large companies and public sector leaders to generate new ideas and develop solutions for the future.

Key Issues

Diversity and inclusion, Health and WellnessVeterans, Education, Community revitalization, Job creation, Small and medium-sized business community support systems. Housing challenges, Transportation challenges, Support for the arts, parks, and green spaces, Education and workforce partnerships, Community safety, Urban planning and design.

2012 program accomplishments:

  • Released The Role of Business in the City of Tomorrow report at the World Urban Forum and will release the Role of Business in Health and Wellness Innovation report at the forum hosted by INOVA on January 18, 2013. The reports are a collection of  articles that detail how companies are using their expertise, innovations, and product developments to improve our cities and address the health & wellness challenges.  It shows that companies are being a part of the solution by leveraging their core competencies and finding strong partners.

  • Released editorial pieces to share how businesses were engaged with Martin Luther King Day of Service, National Workplace Wellness Week, 9/11 Day of Service, and World Environment Day.

  • Hosted thought leadership events: National Conference on Corporate Citizenship and Siemens Sustainable Community Awards (post event report), Workplace Wellness Forum along with two health and wellness working group meetings, and the Housing Urban Development and UNHABITAT forum on Productive Cities leading up to the World Urban Forum.

  • Conducted executive interviews with corporate CSR leaders sharing their insights.


Large initiatives at the national level include Health and Wellness and Environmental Innovation.



The signature events of this program are BCLC’s annual National Conference and the annual Siemens Sustainable Community Awards. BCLC also organizes forums across the country bringing together local and state community development leaders with business leaders to advance mutual goals.


Upcoming Events:

In addition to the above events, the U.S. program hosts a bi-monthly call for working group members only. If you would like information on joining the call please contact Hanna Felleke.



Hanna Felleke (email) works with companies on community-based investments to maximize the benefits to the community and the value proposition of the company. Hanna is responsible for the National Conference, regional events in partnership with key stakeholders, and organizing working group meeting around specific issue in corporate social responsibility. She is responsible for developing BCLC's corporate community investment reports, articles, blogs, and executing related projects.


Business Co-Chairs

  • Carolyn Berkowitz, Capital One
  • James Whaley, Siemens Corporation




Meet BCLC's U.S. Network of companies and partners.


business for good map

    Whatever the issue, businesses are part of the solution. The Business for Good Map shows who is doing what, where. Follow @chamberbclc for the latest, and contact us to learn more or to contribute ideas.


      Partnerships: Catalysts for Sustainability in River Falls, Wisconsin


      A critical reason why cities and towns are able to be at the forefront of sustainable development is their ability to engage a broad swath of stakeholders and create effective partnerships. Communities are able to harness talent, energy and capital in innovative ways that drive progress. Through partnerships, communities are often able to achieve results that would otherwise be unattainable.

      Santa Monica: A City with a Proven Sustainability History


      California has long been seen as on the forefront of environmental innovation and sustainability. So it’s not surprising that two out of the nine Siemens Sustainable Community Awards finalist are from California. One of those finalists, Santa Monica, is a finalist in the mid-size community category, and has a long history of implementing innovative sustainable practices.

      Just Plain Happiness


      Talk about a true testament to a CEO’s leadership leading to productive and happy employees!  When you have happiness radiating from the C-suite, it's no wonder the whole company gets caught up in the joy. Bill Marriott, CEO of Marriott, wrote the following article about how special it was to celebrate his 80th birthday at gatherings across Marriott with General Managers who have been with the company for an average of 25 years. Read more about the cheerful culture at Marriott below: 

      Hiring 500,000 Heroes


      I’m Carolyn Berkowitz, president of the Capital One Foundation and vice president of community affairs for Capital One.

      I worked for non-profits for more than a decade before coming to Capital One. I joined the company because I have always believed in the power of partnership and collaboration between the business community, nonprofits and government organizations and I wanted to be a part of driving that vision forward.

      Riverside, CA: Taking Sustainability to the Next Level


      We’ve all had the chance to work with high achievers in the workplace. They seem to have boundless energy and to be active in a little bit of everything. Well, the 2012 Siemens Sustainability Community Awards seek to recognize the high-achieving communities that are making great strides in sustainability. This year’s finalists are achievers that have taken sustainability to the next level.

      Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Stewardship – Purcellville’s Sustainability Strategy


      For small communities around the country, economic development can be both a blessing and a curse. Development offers new job opportunities for local residents, increased tax revenue for town coffers, and a larger variety of goods and services. However, development can also threaten local businesses, damage the environment, and change the social cohesion of the general community.

      A Billion + Change: Innovative Strategies for Serving Atlanta


      By Yvonne Siu, Marketing Manager, A Billion + Change, Points of Light

      Over the past two decades of nonprofits, businesses and individuals working together to build stronger communities through national service, the style and impact of volunteerism has changed dramatically. Today, a growing number of corporate citizens are lending their most valuable asset — the talents and skills of their best and brightest — to build nonprofit capacity at home and around the world.

      Capital One’s Pro Bono Program for Nonprofits and Small Businesses


      I recently interviewed Daniel Horgan, Community Affairs at Capital One. The focus of our interview was on the company’s pro bono support of nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

      BCLC: The Capital One pro bono program is four years old. What was the motivation to start the program?

      Workplaces Care about Your Health


      In commemoration of National Workplace Wellness Week, BCLC hosted a workplace wellness event on Monday, April 2nd.  Attendance included more than 60 private, public and nonprofit-sector stakeholders, who witnessed a panel discussion on workplace and community wellness as well as keynote remarks from Richard Migliori, M.D, UnitedHealth Group Alliances; Sam Kass, The White House; and Paul Bonta, American College of Preventive Medicine.


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