BCLC is working to identify and promote innovative solutions to corporate citizenship around the country by connecting large companies and public sector leaders to generate new ideas and develop solutions for the future.

Key Issues

Diversity and inclusion, Health and WellnessVeterans, Education, Community revitalization, Job creation, Small and medium-sized business community support systems. Housing challenges, Transportation challenges, Support for the arts, parks, and green spaces, Education and workforce partnerships, Community safety, Urban planning and design.

2012 program accomplishments:

  • Released The Role of Business in the City of Tomorrow report at the World Urban Forum and will release the Role of Business in Health and Wellness Innovation report at the forum hosted by INOVA on January 18, 2013. The reports are a collection of  articles that detail how companies are using their expertise, innovations, and product developments to improve our cities and address the health & wellness challenges.  It shows that companies are being a part of the solution by leveraging their core competencies and finding strong partners.

  • Released editorial pieces to share how businesses were engaged with Martin Luther King Day of Service, National Workplace Wellness Week, 9/11 Day of Service, and World Environment Day.

  • Hosted thought leadership events: National Conference on Corporate Citizenship and Siemens Sustainable Community Awards (post event report), Workplace Wellness Forum along with two health and wellness working group meetings, and the Housing Urban Development and UNHABITAT forum on Productive Cities leading up to the World Urban Forum.

  • Conducted executive interviews with corporate CSR leaders sharing their insights.


Large initiatives at the national level include Health and Wellness and Environmental Innovation.



The signature events of this program are BCLC’s annual National Conference and the annual Siemens Sustainable Community Awards. BCLC also organizes forums across the country bringing together local and state community development leaders with business leaders to advance mutual goals.


Upcoming Events:

In addition to the above events, the U.S. program hosts a bi-monthly call for working group members only. If you would like information on joining the call please contact Hanna Felleke.



Hanna Felleke (email) works with companies on community-based investments to maximize the benefits to the community and the value proposition of the company. Hanna is responsible for the National Conference, regional events in partnership with key stakeholders, and organizing working group meeting around specific issue in corporate social responsibility. She is responsible for developing BCLC's corporate community investment reports, articles, blogs, and executing related projects.


Business Co-Chairs

  • Carolyn Berkowitz, Capital One
  • James Whaley, Siemens Corporation




Meet BCLC's U.S. Network of companies and partners.


business for good map

    Whatever the issue, businesses are part of the solution. The Business for Good Map shows who is doing what, where. Follow @chamberbclc for the latest, and contact us to learn more or to contribute ideas.


      3 Ideas to Make Urban Mobility Solutions Work


      If you were planning the city of tomorrow, what kind of transportation options would you include? Would you build in a New York City-style metro? How about a cheaper, more flexible rapid bus system?

      Now, instead of starting from scratch, imagine you had to plan for the future of an existing city. How would you deal with the legacy systems and outdated infrastructure? Would you try to completely change the way people move around or just strive to maximize the efficiency of current options?

      1 Reason Some Brands Target Youth: Reverse the Obesity Epidemic


      In the last couple of months, Supermarket News has reported the Disney channel is ramping up standards for food advertising with the intention of promoting healthier foods. Other stories have mentioned retailers introducing educational programs and materials for children, such as Ahold’s new health and wellness magazine targeting 8 to 12 year olds.

      For those of us who have backgrounds tied to education, the move is not surprising. In fact, it’s welcomed.

      Business Tapped to Help Design Productive Cities


      //Editor’s Note:BCLC is designing a private sector engagement at the World Urban Forum 6 (WUF), Sept. 1-7 in Italy. Companies are invited to participate. For more information contact Hanna Felleke.//

      Can Business Help Advance the Success of Cities?


      People outside of the CSR and community relations fields don’t often think about this, but businesses can be greatly affected by challenges that sit outside of their control. Our executive director, Stephen Jordan, has written and spoken about this issue quite a bit – you can find a recent article here.

      Navistar’s Multi-Company Partnership that Makes Natural Gas a Reality


      By Bill Osborne, Senior Vice President - Custom Products, Navistar, Inc.

      //Editor's Note: Care about this topic? BCLC is hosting a working meeting on environmental innovation on July 18, 2012.//

      Good environmental citizenship is not always viewed as aligned with the bottom-line demands of running a business. But for companies who can find new ways of working together to bridge marketplace gaps, that alignment can become a reality.

      2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit Insights: Harnessing Social Media to Advance Your EVP and CSR Efforts


      At the 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit in San Francisco we welcomed a handful of experts and thought leaders in the fields of CSR and employee engagement to hold “Best Practice Café” sessions with our client attendees. Stay tuned as each Café leader posts recaps and additional thoughts to help you internalize and implement what they shared at the Summit.

      Guest post by Angela Parker, Realized Worth

      BCLC Summer Weight Loss Challenge: It’s Personal


      Last week was our first weigh in for the BCLC weight loss challenge. 3 people lost weight (I was one of them!) – everyone else either gained or weighs the same. There are eight people taking place in the weight loss challenge and all of us have different methods of reaching our individual goals. I’ve heard chatter about Weight Watchers, juice fasts, more exercising, calorie counting, and even crash diets before the final weigh in. Let me use this blog to share my personal story…

      How to Invest Employees in Their Own Wellness


      By Dawn Weddle
      Manager, Global Health and Wellness Services
      Navistar, Inc.

      If properly handled, company wellness programs are a win-win. Healthy employees are likely to be happier and more productive. And wellness programs show great potential for helping to control runaway healthcare costs, which are a problem for both companies and their employees.

      To Share or Not to Share...


      I have always believed that there are two things a lady does not share: age and weight. So you can imagine my hesitation when BCLC decided to do a second edition to the department-wide weight loss challenge...a challenge that requires weekly weigh-ins in front of the whole department!

      The Mouse Leads the Way: Another Bold Disney Move


      As anybody knows, health is getting increased attention these days.  Reducing obesity and good nutrition are in focus. A lot of articles have appeared in the news.


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