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Congratulations to the 2012 Citizens Awards Winners!

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2012 Corporate Citizenship Awards Webinar

Each year, Citizens finalists exemplify the continued evolution of corporate citizenship, illustrating its movement from the periphery of business activity to the strategic alignment with the core of the company.

Forbes Features BCLC’s Executive Director Stephen Jordan


This past week, Forbes contributor Rahim Kanani shared his interview of BCLC’s executive director Stephen Jordan in a piece entitled “The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).” The piece covered CSR trends in health and wellness, the CITIZENS Awards and what BCLC has in store for 2012.

2011 Citizens Finalist: Intel and SSP

Personal and global economic growth are the goals of this partnership between Intel and the Society for Science and the Public.

2009 Citizens Awards

Meet the 2009 finalists and winners of the Citizens Awards!

Best Partnership Award

The "Best Partnership" category is dedicated to raising awareness about excellent models of businesses and nonprofit organizations partnering together effectively. A people’s choice award, the publiv voting process determines the winning partnership.

Chevron Corporation and the Discovery Global Education Partnership

Grainger’s Ready When The Time Comes


The Washington Post recently featured W.W. Grainger for their partnerships with both the American Red Cross and the American Association of Community Colleges.

The Difference between Average and Great CSR Programs


The annual Corporate Citizenship Awards always generate great stories, and the 2011 Awards were no exception. To recap, here are the winners:

Executive Summary: The State of the CR Profession

On Nov. 17th during the 2011 Citizens Awards finalist luncheon, Richard Crespin (pictured) of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA) presented preliminary findings of recent research into the corporate responsility field and the professionals comprising it.

Best Partnership Award Finalist: Intel and SSP

Finalist: Intel and the Intel Foundation with the Society for Science & the Public (SSP)

Since 1997, Intel and the Intel Foundation have partnered with Society for Science & the Public (SSP) to encourage students to solve real-world problems and challenging scientific questions through original research.

Every year the partners reach millions of students and educators through the following programs:

Worming Your Way Into Better Health: J&J and Children Without Worms


With Thanksgiving approaching, a season of eating and giving in America, it’s not only about the notion of thankfulness, but gratefulness. Did your Granny, like mine, always say to you come Thanksgiving, “Remember that children elsewhere have it worse than you?

2011 Best Corporate Steward Award Finalists

Meet the 2011 finalists of the Best Corporate Steward Award!

Winner: Kraft Foods


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