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CSR + Tech Blog Column by AMGlobal

Andrew Mack and Alessandra Carozza co-write the CSR + Tech column on BCLCblog.

Andrew Mack, Principal, AMGlobal

Alessandra Carozza, Emerging Market Analyst, AMGlobal

CSR + Tech Column Archives

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Mack is Principal of AMGlobal Consulting, a specialized Washington, DC-based consulting firm that helps companies do more and better business in Emerging Markets. A former World Bank project manager and finance professional with experience in more than 80 countries, Mack is internationally-recognized for his work on emerging markets and international development issues – with a special focus on Internet policy and its impacts on the spread of technology to Africa, Latin America and other underserved regions. 

Carozza joined AMGlobal Consulting as an Emerging Market Analyst in 2009.  An experienced project design and management professional, Alessandra has worked extensively in Latin America, Africa and Europe.Her background is in health, including work on innovative new health products, research and policy development, with institutions such as the National Institute of Health, American Heart Association and the MedStar Clinical Research Center. Alessandra has significant Public Private Partnership experience, serving as liaison between governments, international donors, and the Private Sector including on projects with the US Department of State, the European Union and the Center for Legal and Social Studies.

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