Social Change

BCLC works with companies that are creating positive change in communities across the world.

High Impact Funds: Harnessing Collective Action for Good


During the 20 years I have spent working in international philanthropy, I have seen enormous strides made towards the goal of eradicating poverty. Be it through programs on the ground, grassroots initiatives or fundraising campaigns. Despite this progress, much remains to be done.

Top 13 for 2013


2013 was a great year for both our organization and the world of corporate citizenship. We brought together business, nonprofit, and community leaders to harness the power of collaboration at our annual conference. We documented and coordinate business disaster responses around the world.  We shared the many ways businesses make an impact in communities. I’d like to thank our full business network, their support in 2013 allowed us to share the many ways businesses make an impact in communities.

Corporate Responsbility in China and the New IDNs: Two Trends Set to Shake the Global South


In the fast-changing technology sector, ideas go from outlandish to mainstream seemingly overnight (think smartphones, Facebook, Google, etc.). A Small and Midsize Business Guide to Corporate Citizenship


I love nonprofits. 

But they aren’t the only ones who do good works.  Good is for everyone.

I’ve thought a lot about this, about the nature of good in the world – and specifically the corporate world – as I have traveled on my own professional journey. 

MDGs to SDGs: An Opportunity for Businesses to Join Forces


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), set in 2000 by 189 United Nations members, were aimed at significantly improving social and economic conditions in the world's poor countries by 2015. As this deadline approaches, some controversy has arisen over the progress made over the MDG’s thirteen years and counting.

Innovation Nationalism


"How can you say they [the British East India Company] were socially responsible?" she asked. "We're from a former British Colony and they were just awful."

Jobs, Profits, Taxes


Following publication of our volume Beyond Good Company:  Next Generation Corporate Citizenship, which identifies the five different stages that companies move through on their sustainability journeys, we have mostly followed Stage 5 “game changers” like Unilever, IBM, Nestlé, Dow, Danone, and others.

Moving from Partnerships to Networks


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I’ve been talking to a number of industry leaders about their Corporate Responsibility (CR) challenges. Here’s what I’ve been hearing:

Suppliers, Responsible Sourcing, and Your Company's Reputation


If you have been following the garment manufacturing tragedy in Bangladesh, you are well aware of the outrage expressed over the factory collapse. You also are aware of the pressure likely to be exerted on retail outlets and clothing labels to ensure such deplorable and unsafe working conditions are not used in the creation of their garment lines.

Organizing for Sustainability: Networks and Partnerships


A recent survey of nearly 800 sustainability professionals in business, government, NGOs, academe, and the media in over 70 countries concluded that “experts overwhelmingly believe companies should collaborate with multiple actors, including governments, to advance sustainability most effectively.”  Yet the survey found a huge gap between the importance to companies of partnering for sustainability versus its likely adoption in practice (58% versus 30%).  Key perceived barriers to collaboratio


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