Resilience and Risk Reduction

BCLC helps businesses communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders to make disaster preparedness and resiliency activities more effective. Learn more about how businesses are helping create more disaster resilient communities by visiting BCLC’s Disaster program.

A Year Later: Business Dedicated to Long-Term Hurricane Sandy Relief


The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is coming up next week, on October 29.  On that day, you will be hearing many stories about the “Superstorm,” ranging from heartfelt stories of perseverance to tragic stories of loss to criticisms of a slower than expected recovery. 

When Disaster Strikes: How to Respond in the Wake of Rising Consumer Expectations


In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it’s not a question of if companies should contribute support, but how and to what extent.

From Hurricane Sandy to the Ya’an Earthquake, it doesn’t take much when disaster strikes to change a person’s world forever.

Degenkolb’s 70-Year Tradition of Earthquake Chasing


Learning from earthquakes through reconnaissance trips is a valued tradition at Degenkolb Engineers. Since our founding in 1940, our engineers have been observing damage after earthquakes through these trips and adjusting how we practice engineering as a result. Our experiences, combined with those of many others, ultimately lead to new design procedures and building code provisions. The learning continues with every earthquake—most recently those in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and Japan—and each is unique in its own regard.

Moving from Partnerships to Networks


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I’ve been talking to a number of industry leaders about their Corporate Responsibility (CR) challenges. Here’s what I’ve been hearing:

200,000 Bags of Rice, 1 Million People Fed: Cargill's Story


Humanitarian organizations call it a crisis unlike any other. The worst drought in 60 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, coupled with conflict in Somali last year, left 13 million people at risk for starvation and malnutrition—a number greater than all the inhabitants of New York City and Los Angeles. In the face of this unprecedented disaster, Cargill donated 10,000 metric tons (more than 22 million pounds) of rice to support the World Food Program (WFP) USA’s efforts to fight starvation in the Horn of Africa.

Hurricane Season 2013: Strong Ports Save Lives


A coalition of organizations that provided relief in Port-au-Prince following the Haiti earthquake have joined together to systematically apply the lessons learned from past disasters. They have created the Port Resiliency Program, or PReP, a public-private partnership that aims to work with Caribbean and Latin American airports and seaports to strengthen their ability to respond to and recover quickly from a crisis.

Sandy's Big Price for Small Business


According to the Small Business Administration up to 90% of small businesses get the majority of their business from within two miles of their front doors. With so many displaced people following Superstorm Sandy, BCLC estimates that between 60,000 to 100,000 small businesses have already been negatively impacted and as many as 30% of them will fail in the coming months.

We've seen this story play out before. ... We saw a predictable boom/bust cycle.

How Wildfires Led to Lessons Learned on Building Resilient Communities


From the early 1900s to the mid 1980s, wildfires were not a significant danger in the United States. The U.S. government had amassed data on the causes and behavior of wildfires, enabling the government to respond efficiently to major wildfire threats.

An Engineering Feat that Beat Hurricane Isaac in N.O.



Hurricane Isaac reminded people in the city of New Orleans and around the country how important disaster preparedness is. While the storm was not as powerful as Hurricane Katrina, it still caused major flooding in Plaquemines, St. John’s, and St. Tammany Parishes in Louisiana.

Business Preparedness for Isaac Doesn't Have to Start at Square One


//Editor's Update -- 10/25/12: With Tropical Storm Sandy bearing down on the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast, this article is a good refresher about the business resources available to help weather the storm.//  

Now, with another hurricane looming, it's time to put those experiences to the test and prove that the tough lessons from the past have not been forgotten. Hopefully, this time we will be writing books about what we did right, not what we did wrong.  


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