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Why take a narrow view of the role of business in society? There are countless questions to be answered and many stories to be told when it comes to investigating the unparalleled force of the business sector. BCLC’s analysis and research briefs explore connections between business and society that haven’t been made before. To inquire about upcoming subject explorations, email Jeff Lundy

U.S. Job Creation During This Decade: Where Recovery Is Happening

Release Date: June 2012

U.S. Job Creation During This Decade examines how various industries fared after the economic crisis of 2007, and how businesses fostered recovery through market development, indirect job creation, and entrepreneurship development programs.

Creating Disaster Resiliency

Implementing Regional Coordination and National Disaster Prevention Networks

A Whitepaper Based on BCLC’s February 2012 Systemic Community Resiliency Workshop

Over the past two decades, the cost of natural disasters in the United States has doubled from $15.6 billion annually to $31.25 billion annually. These dramatically increasing costs make the episodic, case-by-case strategy of dealing with natural disasters unsustainable. A new disaster planning paradigm would improve on a number of basic weaknesses of the current framework.

What Does Successful Recovery Look Like?

What A Successful Recovery Looks Like

Why Does Recovery Matter?

Disaster recovery is an often overlooked and misunderstood aspect of the disaster cycle. There are countless variables that affect recovery, including the magnitude of the
devastation, coordination among federal, state, and local leaders, availability of capital, damage to major employers, housing availability, and so on.

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