Research Reports

  • Is corporate responsibility a viable profession today, and will it be viable in the future?
  • Do small business owners perceive their function in society differently than executives at large corporations?
  • Do local and state governments have a role to play to improve the way companies help their communities?

These, and many other questions, have been the subject of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s rigorous research agenda. The research dives deep into the reasons and processes that businesses leverage to improve society.  Our findings shed new light on the role of business in society. Research partners have included the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association, individual academicians, and more.  

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Research Reports

A Lesson Plan for Partnerships: Insights from STEM Nonprofits

Release Date: February 2014

A Lesson Plan for Partnerships: Insights From Leading STEM Nonprofits looks to better understand partnerships between corporations and nonprofits. By surveying leading STEM educational programs, the research assessed the relationship between nonprofits and corporate partners and provides a guide for how to build stronger partnerships.

Navigating Obesity: A Road Map for Prevention

Release Date: October 2013

Worldwide, obesity rates have nearly doubled since 1980. In the United States, 35.7% of adults are obese. In a 2008 study, medical costs associated with obesity in the United States were estimated at $147 billion.

Corporate Responsbility 3.0: Good and Networked

Release Date: October 2013

Conditions are now ripe for a real breakthrough in the effectiveness of corporate responsibility–CR 3.0: the Network Effect.

Business Corps Year One Impact

Released: October 2012

In October 2011, the U.S. Chamber Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) launched Business Corps, a first-of-its-kind collaborative corporate volunteerism initiative with nine leading companies.

The State of the Corporate Responsibility Profession

Release Date: March 2012

As part of BCLC’s mission to foster the role of business in society, we partnered with CROA to undertake a study to provide a benchmark of corporate responsibility as a profession and a field.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Release date: November  2010

A Brief History of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility

Written by Stephen Jordan and B.J. Parker. What do the phrases "corporate citizenship" and "corporate social responsibilty" really mean?

Partnering for Global Development

Release Date: 2009

The Evolving Links Between Business and International Development Agencies.

A Critical Role - Ten Policies States Need for Community Disaster Recovery

Release Date: 2009

BCLC has often been asked what some states have done well to recover from disasters, especially since other states seem to sputter in their recoveries. With the support of Allstate, we launched a project in 2009 to find out. We have proposed 10 critical policies that states need to become more disaster resilient and to recover quickly after disasters. These policies are based on extensive analysis of U.S. communities that have experienced disasters over the past 15 years.

State of Corporate Community Investment in 2007 - The Future of America's Communities and Competitiveness

Release Date: December 2007

In the competitive marketplace and rapidly changing social landscapes, “The Question” for companies interested in fostering progress in their communities is how to best invest in them.

State of Corporate Citizenship Report: Business Perspectives in 2005

Release Date: 2005

The State of Corporate Citizenship in the U.S.: Business Perspectives in 2005 marks the second biennial survey of the attitudes, commitments, and experiences of executives in small, medium-sized, and large businesses toward corporate citizenship.


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