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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center's Insights provide much needed data, analysis and best practices surrounding how businesses impact society. Through our Business for Good Map, Research Reports, Research Briefs and Case Study Publications, we provide leading business expertises and intelligence. To learn more about our research and reporting, email Jeff Lundy

The Business for Good Map

We know businesses make a positive difference around the globe. The Business for Good Map is a tool to learn where and how companies invest in creating a better, more sustainable world.

Explore the Map

Research Reports

Our research dives deep into the reasons and processes that businesses leverage to improve society.  Our findings shed new light on the role of business in society. Research partners have included the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association, individual academicians, and more. 

Research Briefs

Research briefs explore connections between business and society that haven’t been made before. This section of the website is also where you can find the most recent blogs and analysis by our Research Manager Jeff Lundy.  

Case Study Publications

Case study publications show the many ways that companies add social value through their corporate citizenship initiatives.