Research Wednesday

Do We Need More Data? Reflections from ECOSOC and #BCLCcities


Conferences always stir new insights as dialogue leads to a rush of new perspectives. Recently I had the opportunity to attend two great conferences: a partnership event put on at the United Nations through ECOSOC (the UN’s Economic and Social Council) and BCLC’s Environmental Symposium entitled Bricks and Sticks (on the man-made and natural worlds). Both events contained interesting dialogues relevant to research.

Damned Lies and Statistics

Research Wednesday: What Do Business Environmental Leaders Say in Their Reports?


As Researcher Manager at BCLC I’m happy to announce the start of two new research initiatives for 2013. First, welcome to the first official edition of "Research Wednesday”! Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, the Research Wednesday column will give you the latest insights from BCLC, including our unique data analysis about positive business impact in society.

We Need Basic Facts to Move the CSR Field Forward


Followers of this blog realize the great importance of CSR work for tackling society’s challenges. But beyond this fundamental understanding there is a lot of ambiguity in the world of corporate responsibility.  In particular, there is a lack of understanding of basic facts. No one quite knows how many companies are tackling social and environmental issues, which issues they are tackling, and where they are tackling them. Take recent survey results as an example.

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