FedEx Teams Up to Deliver Preparedness Message to Small Businesses


A recent American Red Cross survey funded by FedEx revealed that nearly half (49%) of small businesses do not have a disaster relief plan in place should a disaster strike.

Disaster Help Desk for Business: Behind the Scenes of Preparedness and Response


Think back to one month ago. If you were on the Eastern Seaboard you were probably closely tracking Sandy’s path and wondering how it would affect you. In other parts of the country, your news outlets offered you two stories and probably not much else: “Super Storm” Sandy and the elections.

Does Business Preparedness Really Matter?


Common belief holds that every $1 spent on disaster preparedness saves $4 when a disaster happens. But is preparedness worth the initial $1 investment?

To many of the world’s best-known companies, it is. Preparedness benefits the whole company – especially employees and customers – and the communities where you’re located. Here are five prime examples from BCLC’s recent report on “The Role of Business in Disaster Response":

The Zombies Are Coming: Are You Prepared for a Business Disaster?


[Editor's note: this post originally appeared on Free Enterprise]

By: Hilary Halpern

They’re creeping down our streets. They’re dominating the news. They’re the talk at water coolers across the country. No doubt about it -- the zombies are everywhere.

Natural Disaster Financial Management: It’s All About Pre-crisis Preparation


By Jay Collins, Vice Chairman of Corporate and Investment Banking, Citi

A flood of issues from one disaster


I was reading an article by Barry Saunders posted on the News Observer newspaper’s website entitled, “Pamlico County still recovering from floods.” It’s about difficulties with disaster recovery in Pamlico County, NC.  Directly or indirectly, it brought up a number of other issues surrounding disaster recovery.

Talking About Preparedness: Leave No Stone Unturned


It’s perfectly understandable why disaster preparedness might not be a front-burner issue for most small business owners. There are customers to meet, employees to manage, bills to pay.  But time and time again, it’s been proven that pushing the subject to a back burner is a recipe for disaster.

As a company that is committed to helping small businesses succeed— and as a nonprofit organization for which disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery are strategic priorities — Office Depot and the Office Depot Foundation uses a variety of channels to communicate this message.

Why East Coast Businesses Should Prepare for Hurricane Irene


As Hurricane Irene bears down on the East Coast, weather predictions show landfall near the Outer Banks, North Carolina, this weekend and New England at the start of next week. But the time is now for businesses and individuals along the entire Eastern seaboard to prepare for the potential damaging effects of the storm.

BCLC’s Jordan Testifies Before Senate (Photo)


BCLC’s founder and executive director Stephen Jordan today appeared as an expert witness before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ hearing, “The Next Big Disaster: Is the Private Sector Prepared?”

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