Measurement Series

Myths of Measurement


BCLC’s fall events -- the Global Conference and the Citizens Awards -- were an inspiration. Personally, I couldn’t help but be inspired by so many companies tackling the world’s problems so thoughtfully. Interestingly, among the many topics companies cover, I noticed a common thread: measurement is sorely needed in CSR, and there is a lot of ambiguity about the best way to measure success.

Measuring Shared Value...minus the measuring


In the January-February 2011 edition of HBR, Michael Porter and Mark Kramer made the case for shared value. As a consultant to companies on innovation and social impact, this was one of the most welcome articles I have read in the past several years. When - arguably - the biggest name in the study of management lends his voice to the case for social good AND shows correlation to profitability, people listen.

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