The Network Effect: The 2013 BCLC Corporate Responsibility Conference


Jeff Lundy, PhD, Research Manager of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, opened the Business Civic Leadership Center’s Annual Corporate Responsibility Conference with a report on obesity.

“I Am American Business"


In November, Steve Miller, the president and CEO of Dillon Gage and HELPS International, will be honored by the government of Guatemala for his organizations’ extraordinary efforts to help the country improve economic and health conditions for families. He says he just fell in love with it 30 years ago, and has never looked back.

He sees what he does as a small business owner as a worthy calling, a moral one. This video clip speaks for itself:

Found at COMMIT Forum: Inspiration from 2 Business Leaders


Inspiration. For me, it usually comes at unexpected times. Some experiences, though, are set up to inspire, to drive us to think or behave in a way that unlocks a new chance to refine or grow – our organizations, our relationships, or maybe just ourselves. 

The Importance of Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards


I recently read a very interesting article about gender diversity on corporate boards on the Sustainable Brands website.The article talked about the notion of "critical mass" (having three or more women on corporate boards) and how this discussion has evolved over time.

From the article: 

A Few Words on “Followership”


I recently attended an Emergency Management magazine All Hazard Stakeholders Summit.  One presenter, Garry Briese from Denver, introduced the concept of “Followership:  The Mirror Image of Leadership.”  He captured an intuitive concept that many don’t think about but may be practicing.  Some of his points are worth sharing.

Definitions – “leadership” is influencing other, while “followership” is seeking or accepting leadership.  Skills of a good follower make you a good leader.  Part of followership is coaching upward

A Movement to Reward Societal Problem Solvers


[Editor's Note: This post original appeared on Huffington Post Impact]

Today we face many tough issues as a society and much work is being done to address them. Let's look at a slice of one such challenge -- health.

9/11, Courage, and Ethical Leadership


As part of BCLC’s commemoration of 9/11 this year, we are going to hold our first retreat on courage and ethical leadership on September 7-8 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in partnership with the Army Heritage Education Center.

Shell Helps Build Leadership Capacity


Nonprofit CEOs often don’t have the resources for professional development as do their corporate counterparts. And attracting young leaders to serve in these positions is getting harder. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 young professionals working at nonprofits, 45 percent said they had no interest in serving as a CEO in their organization.

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