200,000 Bags of Rice, 1 Million People Fed: Cargill's Story


Humanitarian organizations call it a crisis unlike any other. The worst drought in 60 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, coupled with conflict in Somali last year, left 13 million people at risk for starvation and malnutrition—a number greater than all the inhabitants of New York City and Los Angeles. In the face of this unprecedented disaster, Cargill donated 10,000 metric tons (more than 22 million pounds) of rice to support the World Food Program (WFP) USA’s efforts to fight starvation in the Horn of Africa.

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What We Can Learn about Problem-Solving from a Village Chief and a Twitter Handle


This article first appeared on Mashable and I'm sharing it here because the business leaders we work with are always interested in effective ways to engage with local officials to solve community challenges. Community issues that affect local businesses come in all shapes and sizes, both in the U.S. and across the globe. This is a strong example of social media playing a central role in problem-solving to create a better community; what other scenarios have worked? Leave your comments.  

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