All Volunteers Are Equal. Some Are More Equal Than Others.


[Editor’s Note: BCLC and Richard Crespin will be continuing the discussion on non-profit capacity building at the upcoming Weekend in Boca VI. To learn more, visit]

Found at COMMIT Forum: Inspiration from 2 Business Leaders


Inspiration. For me, it usually comes at unexpected times. Some experiences, though, are set up to inspire, to drive us to think or behave in a way that unlocks a new chance to refine or grow – our organizations, our relationships, or maybe just ourselves. 

Volunteerism in the Spirit of 9/11 Day of Service


It’s been 11 years since the tragic incidents of 9/11, a day that brought sorrow to the country but yet managed to unite many. In the wake of the disaster Americans came together to show support for each other in any way that they could - donating money, goods, and services and volunteering.

Your Peers Have Won This Award – Why You Should Apply, Too


As we recently described in a Huffington Post piece titled “A Movement to Reward Social Problem Solvers,"  the Chamber BCLC’s annual Corporate Citizenship Awards are all about recognizing business solutions that make a difference.

Deloitte’s Maximum Impact: Alternative Spring Break


 “And what is your commitment to community?”

College students ask this question all the time of the companies for which they’re considering working. Students recognize that it’s not enough to achieve their own career successes – they’re also invested in ensuring the advancement of others.

What We Loved in 2011: Top Headlines and Happenings of the Past Year


2011 was a rollercoaster year in many respects, and the field of corporate citizenship was no different.  While thousands are protesting big business through the Occupy movement, individual companies -- through partnerships and leadership -- are part of some impressive societal strides. Below are six corporate citizenship headlines and happenings we found highly engaging this past year:

Getting From High School to the College Beat


Challenging the premise that high school graduation is a destination rather than a springboard to the future, College Summit Founder and CEO, J.B. Schramm says, “We re-envision the purpose of high school to be a launch pad for college and career success.”

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