How Data Empowers Women


On March 4, more than 500 leaders gathered for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and United Nations’ International Women’s Day forum held at the United Nations. This annual conference discusses the private sector’s role in economically empowering women around the world. Surprisingly, a new star arose that day: data.

We Need Basic Facts to Move the CSR Field Forward


Followers of this blog realize the great importance of CSR work for tackling society’s challenges. But beyond this fundamental understanding there is a lot of ambiguity in the world of corporate responsibility.  In particular, there is a lack of understanding of basic facts. No one quite knows how many companies are tackling social and environmental issues, which issues they are tackling, and where they are tackling them. Take recent survey results as an example.

The Future of Cities – My Reflections on Meeting of the Minds 2012


//Editor's Note: BCLC is organizing a meeting on financing community resilience in late 2012 and a conference on sustainable systems in April 2013. Email Gerald for more info.// 

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