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How Business’s Good Character Gets the Job Done


By: Robert Ludke. Executive Vice President, Corporate Advisory Practice. Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Corporate executives across industries and sectors continuously seek a “license to operate” from the public. In essence, this means the company is actively working to gain and maintain the reputational support needed to achieve its short and long-term business objectives. They must build a reputation that assures the public that their behaviors are consistent with their values.

New Resource to Help Corporate Citizenship Professionals Make a Greater Impact


As the head of corporate citizenship research at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF), I’m pleased to announce the release of a new research product: Practitioner’s Guides to Corporate Citizenship.  Today we are releasing guides on four corporate citizenship topics:

Value and Values


“Doing well by doing good” has been adopted as a slogan for social enterprise, though as with everything else that is in flux in 2013 nothing is simple.

9 Corporate Citizenship Blogs to Read -- and Watch


Stephen Jordan and I have been debating what makes a great corporate CSR blog. There are many reasons why companies create blogs, and of course, there’s no right or wrong way to do them. But you can tell a really well-managed blog when you see one. That’s what this post is about – a nod to the corporate blogs that have caught our attention and keep us coming back to read more.

To Share or Not to Share...


I have always believed that there are two things a lady does not share: age and weight. So you can imagine my hesitation when BCLC decided to do a second edition to the department-wide weight loss challenge...a challenge that requires weekly weigh-ins in front of the whole department!

A Movement to Reward Societal Problem Solvers


[Editor's Note: This post original appeared on Huffington Post Impact]

Today we face many tough issues as a society and much work is being done to address them. Let's look at a slice of one such challenge -- health.

Forbes Features BCLC’s Executive Director Stephen Jordan


This past week, Forbes contributor Rahim Kanani shared his interview of BCLC’s executive director Stephen Jordan in a piece entitled “The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).” The piece covered CSR trends in health and wellness, the CITIZENS Awards and what BCLC has in store for 2012.

How IBM “Has Gone From Spare Change To Real Change”


Last week, Huffington Post published an interview with Stanley Litow, President of the IBM Foundation. The piece, “IBM: Tapping Top Talent, For Good,“ showcases how the employees at IBM have established a culture of service and volunteerism, something IBM institutionalized through their Corporate Service Corps.

More on Corporate Citizens’ Response to the Economic Crisis


In yesterday’s post, I examined the impact and fallout of the current economic situation. So what are corporate citizens doing about it?

During this economic crisis, corporate citizens are operating at multiple levels. 

Successful Employee Health Program


This month I interviewed Jeff Shuman, vice president of human resources and corporate relations for the Harris Corporation. Harris, an international communications and information technology company, set up an employee and family medical center near its headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.  In November, Harris won BCLC’s Corporate Stewardship Award in the Small/Midsize Business category—details are on BCLC’s website  and on BCLC TV.

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