The Importance of Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards


I recently read a very interesting article about gender diversity on corporate boards on the Sustainable Brands website.The article talked about the notion of "critical mass" (having three or more women on corporate boards) and how this discussion has evolved over time.

From the article: 

Corporate Culture Shock: Profit AND Principles


Anyone who pays even the slightest attention to business ethics couldn’t help but catch the scathing op-ed piece by Greg Smith in last week’s New York Times. Smith lambasts his (now former) employer, Goldman Sachs, for a company culture that he says put more emphasis on turning a profit than on respecting and serving clients. Sadly, this does not do much to boost business’ credibility in the eyes of the public.

So What About the Board?


It’s now a year since Michael Porter famously threw down his gauntlet by announcing from on high that all value needed to be Shared Value. That, as I wrote last year, we are moving into the Third Age of corporate-social relations. From old-style “philanthropy” – typically disbursed after corporate titans had made their pile -- to “corporate social responsibility”; from fairtrade to subtler alignments of brand and charitable effort; to something approaching the end of CSR and its sublimation into a revolutionary reshaping of mainstream business strategy.

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